NEW YORK – On Friday, March 15th at 7:30 p.m., the YAI Players, a performance troupe consisting of people with disabilities, in collaboration with the Theater of Dreams and The Berkeley Carroll School will perform God Bless the Child at the Construction Company (10 E. 18th Street between 5th and Broadway).

When we talk about the arts, the beauty of talent and performance should embrace all people, young or old, rich or poor, Black or white, and even the disabled. YAI – The National Institute for People With Disabilities – one of the largest non-profit agencies in America of its kind serving developmentally disabled adults, is progressive on many fronts.

“YAI Players” was created at the urging of a staff member at YAI, Karuna Heisler, who had a former professional career in the theatre. Karuna, who is employed in the clinical and family services unit of YAI, felt there was enormous potential on the part of YAI’s developmentally disabled population, and she offered to work with them to put this theatre troupe together.

Since they were founded, the group, which meets several times a week to rehearse, practice, and prepare for show presentations, has performed at some prestigious and well-recognized venues.