On May 11th, sailor Pablo Paredes and soldier Kevin Benderman will face a military court martial for their opposition to the Iraq War. Their applications for conscientious objector status have been denied. Meanwhile, Camp Pendleton announced last week that charges would not be filed against the Marine who was filmed shooting an injured, unarmed Iraqi man in a mosque to death.
Since the inception of President Bush’s cruel and unjustified act of aggression on the innocent people of Iraq; over 100,000 Iraqi civilians have died along with nearly 1,600 American military members. Young men like Paredes, Benderman, Camilo Mejia, Aidan Delgado and many others have chosen to “err on the side of life” and respond to the voice of their hearts and conscience. While the Pentagon and Lt. Gen. John Sattler acquit marines of the murder they commit, Paredes and Benderman face the full extent of the law for the murder they chose not to commit.
Sign the petition: http://www.defendpablo.org/; contact your Congressional representatives to support Paredes and other GIs who resist this illegal and immoral war.