You never can tell what issue will draw debate until you get into a public dialogue. Since its launch a little over a month ago, the online Communist Party USA preconvention discussion web site has grown to over 100 participants with 150 posts. The Communist Party’s Draft Program, Draft Main Political Resolution and Educational Papers Series are up for your scrutiny and input at

“We need not to change our message. Our image is the real problem,” wrote “Jesse” on April 20 in reply to “The Role of the CPUSA” section of the Draft Program. This pithy posting, “Image is problem,” continues to evoke replies.

BuffaloRed piped up, “The fact [is] that hardly anybody knows our party exists! (I cringe at being so blunt, but preconvention discussion is the time for truthful evaluation.) …. We need a bigger party. This would go a LONG way in addressing any image problem.”

The discussion online has brought out thoughtful dialogue on the long- and short-term issues facing the Communist Party. It has also shown the common desire to build the party, its press and the Young Communist League, in a practical way, while grappling with basic questions of socialism, broad unity and the role of the party.

This week, five new articles from the Educational Papers Series, organized by the CPUSA Education Commission, will go up for discussion:

“Ideological Struggle and Science: Wedge Origins,” by the Brooklyn and Waterbury Clubs in Connecticut.

“Pro-Choice, Pro-Life: We are Both,” by Elena Mora.

“Cuba vs. Imperialism, 2005,” by Emile Schepers.

“Building Socialism in the USA One Brick at a Time,” by Tim Wheeler.

“Socialism for Women and Girls,” by Jen Perna.

Please jump in. Speak your mind. Visit: