Quito, Apr 27 (Prensa Latina) The re-election of Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa on April 26 signifies that citizens here are ready for the revolution underway. Un-official results grant the statesman between 54 and 57 percent support, with a lead of 20 points over his nearest rival, former Head of State Lucio Gutierrez.

These results motivated Correa, leader of the Country Alliance Movement, to declare himself Sunday the winner in the first round, unprecedented in this country’s democratic history.

Official results have so far confirmed Correa’s triumph with 49.01 percent of votes, 18 points more than Gutierrez, who is second.

This was an ‘overwhelming, immense triumph’ for the head of state, which paves the way for his Citizens Revolution in benefit of the poor in Ecuador.

This victory cofirms his opposition to the US Free Trade Agreement, to the presence of soldiers from that northern country on the Manta base and to vulnerable free trade policies, which were top issues in this electoral race.

Correa promised to eliminate increasing inequality between the rich and the poor, generate the development of the popular economy, and give free health and education.