On Tuesday, Nov. 8, voters have the opportunity to give the teetering Humpty Dumpty Bush administration and the Bushettes a shove toward their well-deserved final splatter. This Election Day, voters will be selecting mayors, city and town councils and school boards, and deciding on a wide variety of propositions. It’s at this level of government that the ultra-right/corporate coalition organized its base to attack our democratic norms. They started with local school boards and ended up pulling the trigger in Iraq, stealing billions from children, working families and the elderly. This cabal abandoned Americans on the rooftops of New Orleans.

These elections are the first quantitative measure of the depth of popular anger at Bush and the Republicans since Hurricane Katrina and the 2,000th U.S. death in Iraq. Closely watched races include these:

In a bellwether race in red state Virginia, moderate Democrat Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine faces off against Republican Jerry Kilgore for governor.

In New York City, GOP billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg is facing a challenge from Democrat Fernando Ferrer. If elected, Ferrer would become the city’s first Puerto Rican mayor — an important step for Puerto Rican representation.

In a very close contest, liberal Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine is battling Republican Doug Forrester for the New Jersey governor’s seat.

California voters will weigh in on several reactionary ballot propositions pushed by GOP Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The issues at stake include defending workers’ rights to contribute to political campaigns. The special election will also measure Gov. Arnie’s popularity.

Important to take note of is the number of independent candidates — many of them left and progressive — dotting the landscape, running for school board and other local offices.

Every contest, from water board commissioner to governor, has special significance this year. They set the stage for 2006, with the titanic battle to topple GOP control of Congress. This year’s elections can put cracks in the shell of the Bush-ultra-right rotten-egg regime. Voting in 2005 is an act of protest and an affirmation of decency. So be sure to vote — Tuesday, Nov. 8.