The recent upsurge for immigrant rights is testimony to the rising working-class tide uniting under the banner of equal rights for all. Immigrant rights are fundamental to human rights, workers’ rights and civil rights. The struggle for rights for immigrants in the U.S., as well as globally, is in the interest of all workers along with all people who face racism and discrimination. The upsurge strengthens all working-class fights, especially anti-racist battles.

A fundamental bedrock of working-class progress is international solidarity, especially with workers and people who are exploited by imperialism. Farmers, workers and families in Mexico and throughout the Americas, as well as in Africa, Asia and even parts of Europe, are being thrown off their land and driven into motion by unlivable conditions due to global corporate profiteering. Forced to seek a better life in another country, many choose the U.S., seen as a beacon for the world’s tired and hungry masses.

Anti-immigrant myths are propagated by the ultra-right, reactionary forces to “divide and conquer,” to make working-class people fight among themselves for crumbs while Wall Street, the military-industrial complex and the elite gorge themselves.

One such myth is “They’re taking our jobs.” But the crisis of unemployment is not caused by immigrant workers. Immigrants contribute to our economy, pay taxes, buy things, and in fact help create jobs. Unemployment is caused by capitalism. Racist hiring practices are a deliberate ruling-class policy. It is in the self-interest of all working-class people to unite and fight for jobs for all and fair hiring practices.

Capitalism forces the working class to compete for jobs, because the transnational corporations thrive off that competition and make billions more in profit. They want to pit Peter against Maria against Jamal against Thuy to drive down wages, privatize public education, cut social programs and corporate taxes, among other profit-making schemes.

But in the last few weeks, millions of American workers and their families have spoken with their feet, and a popular multiracial and internationalist spirit has awakened. United we stand, divided we fall. Stand for immigrant rights. It’s in your interest.