The delay is over! The Feminist Majority is excited to announce that the Senate will be voting tomorrow on the nomination of Hilda Solis for Secretary of Labor.

Act now to urge the Senate to confirm Hilda Solis tomorrow as President Barack Obama’s Secretary of Labor.

The confirmation of Solis, who has been a tireless fighter for women’s rights, minority rights and worker’s rights, was being unnecessarily held up first by a lone Republican Senator’s hold and then by a minor local/state tax dispute on her husband’s small business. She has no ownership in this small business and her taxes are in order.

While in Congress, Solis co-chaired the Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues in the House of Representatives, promoted domestic violence awareness, ensured health care access for Latinos with HIV/AIDS, and fought for legislation that protects women. As a champion of women’s rights, Solis would play a critical role in spearheading the rebuilding of the Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau which was constantly attacked and diminished under the Bush administration.

In her eight years as a California state legislature, Solis authored a record 17 anti-domestic violence laws. She led the battle to increase the state’s minimum wage and has been vital in the struggle to close the wage gap for women. Her unique experience and understanding of the needs of women, families, minorities, and workers has made her a true fighter for equality.

Hilda Solis has always spoken up for women and has fearlessly taken on uphill battles to improve women’s lives.

Please tell your Senator to confirm Solis as Secretary of Labor tomorrow.