The Bush Administration seeks to ride the crest of popular demand for security against terrorism through Congress and the courts with their own agenda. Their wish list includes re-authorizing CIA sponsored assassinations and terror against liberation movements and their leaders. They want unrestrained power to detain people without council and without charges – today it is immigrants, tomorrow it will be all of us.
Yet, in spite of the dragnet, in spite of extended wiretaps, not a single person has yet to be charged with complicity in a terrorist act. Not a single person has been charged in connection with the attacks on Sept. 11.
The current picture will become clearer as more people feel the effects of the Bush policies. The economic crisis is deepening, while the administration gives “tax relief” to the rich. The war against Afghanistan for the oil companies will drag on. The threat of terrorism will not recede.
People will begin to shake off the fog laid down by the Bush administration. The fog lamps will be struggle for economic justice, for an end to terrorism and war, for an end to racial and gender inequality.
The struggle will have to be taken to the streets in peaceful protest. It will be heard in Congress, or new representatives and senators will be elected. The danger of repression and provocation will be great. Ultimately, the people united will not be defeated.

Ted Pearson is a reader in Chicago.