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Battles have been won, but the work still continues. This year has not been an easy one for working people. Our collective story has been one where struggle is prominent as we try to make sense of the tragedies that have come our way this year. Yet strength has also been a major theme, as victories have occurred against the onslaught of attacks from corporate interests and greed.

The multi-billion-dollar-backed right-wing media would have you believe that working people are not in control of their destinies. That the pandemic which swept the world causing pain and suffering couldn’t be avoided. It would have you believe that in the United States the mismanagement of aid by the Trump administration never occurred. Or that the historic working-class electoral uprising of 75 million voters that rebuked Trump’s fascist administration was an act of fraud.

While the narrative of the right is filled with oppression and misinformation, People’s World is a publication aimed at the empowerment of working people.

That is why we’ve done hundreds of stories giving readers all the information and analysis we could on the dangers of COVID-19 and what could be done to combat this crisis. People’s World has not held back in exposing just how terrible of a job the Trump administration has done in placing profits over people, not only during the health crisis but in the entire four years of his presidency.

People’s World also championed the electoral and organizing work that went into turning out historic numbers to reject the path of hate and division the U.S. was on under the current political regime.

We have also always been clear on championing the movement of Black Lives Matter and the need to demolish systemic racism and bigotry.

Over the past four years, our readership has grown from 800,000 readers yearly to nearly 3 million.

The staff here at People’s World doesn’t take that growth lightly. We know the reason why you turn to us as your source of information is because you know that the only interests we are beholden to aren’t corporate, but working class.

Our publication is your publication, as we are intrinsically tied together. We know that this publication depends on working-class support to stay alive.

Millions of people are out of work and are suffering—not only from the health impact of the coronavirus but the financial turmoil as well.

As workers gain, so too does People’s World. As workers face hardship, so too does People’s World. Our finances have been severely impacted by the economic depression. The income which sustains the paper and keeps it going has diminished greatly.

Yet, even in the face of this hardship, we have continued to advocate for workers, and expand how we do that.

The paper published no less than 800 articles directly related to the elections. PW also hosted two town hall forums, one on the unemployment crisis and another focused on voter turnout, that reached thousands of people. And in recent weeks, the publication launched a new podcast, Beyond the Page, which has produced three deep-diving episodes so far.

Beyond the Page serves as a companion podcast to People’s World. I, along with labor organizer Matt Bernico, host the podcast, which takes readers deeper into the topics covered on The goal is to bring forth a political news podcast that tackles topics affecting working people, minus the bourgeoisie slant. Our program gives the mic to journalists and activists on the most pressing stories in progressive politics, labor, and the struggle for socialism in the United States.

Expansion of People’s World is important now more than ever with COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc, the fight heating up again to demand financial relief for workers, and the continued call to ensure true safety for struggling cities, states, schools, and workplaces.

People’s World is an independent voice to combat the misinformation campaign of the extreme right. Stories matter. Truth matters. Keeping People’s World around matters.

The paper desperately needs an influx of new donors and sustainers to make sure this voice for socialism in the United States can survive. Please give whatever you can.

If possible, enlist to become a monthly sustainer at $5, $25, $50, or $100.

Telling the story of working peoples’ march towards a better future is essential. It’s important to make the connection to the struggles we’ve been through in the past to the trials and tribulations we face today, not only as individuals, but as a movement of peoples, cultures, and histories—intertwining towards what is hopefully a brighter and stronger future together.

That is the work that People’s World does. We’ve been doing it for the past 95 years since The Daily Worker was founded in 1924, and we aim to do it for 95 more.

Help save People’s World. Donate or become a sustainer today.

Chauncey K. Robinson

Social Media Editor


Chauncey K. Robinson
Chauncey K. Robinson

Chauncey K. Robinson is an award winning journalist and film critic. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey, she has a strong love for storytelling and history. She believes narrative greatly influences the way we see the world, which is why she's all about dissecting and analyzing stories and culture to help inform and empower the people.