A noisy and enthusiastic crowd greeted Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) at an Obama/Biden election rally held at Youngstown State University’s Beeghly Gymnasium today. With just 18 days left until the election, the Youngtown area is going into high gear with its second rally this week. On Monday vice presidential candidate Joe Biden visited neighboring Warren to kickoff a state bus tour.

Judging by tee-shirts and campaign buttons, UAW (autoworkers), NEA (educators) and IBEW (electricians) union members were high in attendance.

The crowd was greeted by a big “Hello Youngstown” from Luke, an Obama organizer who went on to stress the importance of early voting. “Help us turn out voters, block by block, door by door. If we do it right, there is no stopping us.”

Ohio Governor Ted Strickland attended the rally and was introduced by Congressman Tim Ryan. Ryan stressed the need for a “blow out election.” Strickland introduced Senator Clinton but before doing so harshly criticized the Bush administration: “Soon this long national nightmare known as the Bush/Cheney administration will come to an end.”

Hillary Clinton gave a stirring stump speech for the Obama/Biden Democratic ticket highlighting the importance of Ohio to the general election. “Ohio is battleground state. It makes or breaks presidential candidates,” she said.

McCain represents four more years of Bush policies she warned. “Bush has practiced what John McCain has preached.”

Traveling around the country, Clinton said, she hears many people asking “Who are you for?”

“A more important question,’ she said, is “Who is for you?

“I’m for Obama and Biden because they are for you,” she concluded.