While President Manuel Zelaya is calling for dialogue and urging the population in resistance to the coup to take peaceful action, the de facto government – presided over by Roberto Michelleti – just minutes before 4 p.m., Sept. 21, decreed a national curfew taking effect at 4 p.m. and lasting until 7 a.m. the following day.

In the evening, through a national TV channel, the curfew was extended to 6 p.m., Sept. 22, converting the curfew into a state of siege, which is completely illegal and violates the human rights of the population.

It must be noted that these methods are being enforced in order to dissuade Hondurans from concentrating in the country’s capital in order to express our support for the return of constitutional order in Honduras.

While the de facto government intends to make prisoners out of the Hondurans in resistance to the coup, the business class and politicians are making declarations on the media outlets that are aligned with the de facto government. These statements do not even recognize that a curfew is in effect.

The resistance movement has also made a call not to obey the curfew because, looking at the curfew from any point of view, it is an illegal action taken by a government that does not represent the people of Honduras.

The few media outlets that are offering information about the resistance movement have been threatened and some have been taken off the air.

At this moment, those people that had set up camp in front of the Brazilian Embassy have been violently dispersed. There are reports of injuries and an unconfirmed report of a death.

The National Police have announced that they have an arrest warrant for Manuel Zelaya and there is fear that, although it would violate international law, the armed forces might attempt to enter the Brazilian Embassy.

According to the de facto government, the San Jose talks are now “buried” and the country’s four airports have been closed. The arrival of an Organization of American States commission or any other commission to facilitate dialogue is impossible.