Stop corporate looters

There should be no profiteering permitted off of the suffering of the people in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mississippi and elsewhere because of the hurricane and flood.

I have called on N.J. Sen. Jon Corzine and my congressperson Rep. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) to do the following: when Congress convenes, introduce a bill to freeze gasoline prices immediately across the country; roll back prices to Aug. 15 levels according to the Lundberg price survey report listing prices of that date; seize all excess “above normal” profits and turn them over to flood victims’ relief.

This money would head contributions by the generous and sympathetic American people to the hard-pressed people of the South.

Pat Barile

Jersey City NJ

The People v. Bush

The most justified class action suit ever: The People of New Orleans v. G.W. Bush! If the people of New Orleans sued George Bush, FEMA and Homeland Security for criminal negligence during the recent Hurricane Katrina crisis, do you think that they might have a case?

“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the defendants had three days notice before Hurricane Katrina struck in which to remove to safety the thousands of residents of New Orleans who are now dead, dying or severely injured. The defendants had the means to remove them to safety. Since Sept. 11, 2001, defendants had been given billions and billions of dollars to prepare for just such an emergency as a major evacuation of a city. Instead they did nothing. Nothing, your honor! Bush, FEMA and Homeland Security left these people — the sick, the infirm, the young and the elderly — to starve and die.”

Talk about winning your case! No jury in the nation, presented with all the evidence, could fail to bring in a verdict of “Guilty!”

The lawsuit could set an example here: Criminal negligence by a “government” mandated to protect America is no longer acceptable.

Jane Stillwater

Via e-mail

Unequal treatment

It never ceases to amaze me. I remember all the pomp and indignation when the 9/11-World Trade Center disaster occurred. I remember the immediate aid, the response and the nation brought together. One wonders about disparate and discriminatory treatment. Is an African American that much different than a white suburbanite? Why do the food, water and shelter become unavailable when the majority are African Americans? Why are the bodies allowed to lie indiscriminately in the streets? Why do we not have an estimation of the number who have lost their lives? We should end the war in Iraq now! We should take the money and spend it on the victims of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. We need peace. We need love.

Irving C. Jones

Philadelphia PA

Bring the Guard home

The National Guard should be our country’s last line of defense in a war. They should be here to help with disaster relief and rescue, and help preserve order during emergencies. Unfortunately the Bush administration thinks that the Guard should be overseas doing the job of the regular Army with less training and lower pay. It is time for all National Guardsmen and women to come home. They are needed here.

Chuck Mann

Greensboro NC


Why do we call it Katrina when we should call it global warming? Why should we call this a natural disaster when we should call it lack of responsibility to protect the planet? Why doesn’t the president support the Kyoto Protocol in light of these disasters? Why do some people respond with guns when they should respond with solidarity? Why do politicians have the power to kill but not enough power to help those dying of hunger and thirst right at this moment? Why don’t they invest more in research on how to protect the environment rather than in manufacturing weapons? Why don’t they stop selling weapons? Why do we have to cope with this dirty business? Why don’t people start thinking what to do in order to save life in this planet? (We can all do our bit.) How many more years will it take to understand that we all have some responsibility? Why don’t we start educating people on this issue?

G. P.

Via e-mail

Military recruitment in schools

I applaud Mr. Suarez del Solar’s efforts to stop the recruitment of Latino youth (“Latinos step up calls to end war, military recruitment,” PWW 9/3-9). I encourage parents to learn more about the requirement of the No Child Left Behind Act — that schools provide the military with information about our children. Opting out of the provision of information to the military is one way to fight recruitment of children (kids in high school are still children).

But wait a minute. Why should the burden be on us as parents to opt out? And much more importantly, shouldn’t we be fighting to limit the military’s access to our children in schools? The day-in, day-out discussions that recruiters have with our kids is what ends up convincing them to sign up, and lots of false promises heaped up on top of friendly pats on the back. Why should the military be allowed to talk to our children without our permission at all? Let’s be clear — opting out does not protect our children from recruiters. We have to do more. We have to get them out of our schools or let them in only on career day. There is nothing in the law that says they have to have as much access as they do now. Let’s get on our principals to limit their access and stand behind them when the military tries to get tough.

Diane Paul

Cookeville TN

Brilliant man?

Idaho Gov. Dirk Kempthorne has joined the ranks of the GOP intelligentsia! Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Idaho’s Republican-Bushite governor has come up with a plan to cut gas prices in half! And this is how: “Idaho’s governor will let gas stations post prices for a half gallon on outside marquees” (Idaho Statesman 9/4/2005).

Rohn Webb

Melba ID

Take action on gas prices

In response to the rising cost of gasoline, our local club has decided to use a petition to move our congressional delegations to hold hearings on gasoline price gauging and to move in the direction of having the government use the right of eminent domain to take over the oil industry. So far, one of our members got over 90 signatures on his job in one day. Our next major effort will be the Sept. 24 local antiwar rally.

Emil Shaw

Albuquerque NM

Emil Shaw is chair of the New Mexico Communist Party.