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Free Cuban Five

Any possibility of running the Nuestro Mundo article “Por trabajar por cuba” on page 10 of the July 4-10 edition in English? I can read some of it slowly.

I know the Supreme Court turned down the Cuban 5, but I didn’t see anything about it here.

Lawrence H. Geller

Philadelphia PA

A must-see

I saw a powerful new Iraq War film, “The Hurt Locker.” While it’s a theatrical film, shot mostly in Jordan, it packs all the wallop of a down and dirty documentary. It focuses on the war experiences of three soldiers who are assigned to an IED detection and detonation unit. I found some of the scenes to be so intense that they were almost unwatchable. (Warning: some Iraq and Afghan combat vets may find this film emotionally overwhelming).

I strongly urge everyone on my list to make a special effort to see “The Hurt Locker.” First, because it will deepen your understanding of what our soldiers have been enduring in Iraq for twelve to fifteen months at a stretch. Second, because we need to talk up and support this kind of film so that it won’t just vanish from theatres in the next few days.

At present, I believe that it’s only playing in a few large cities (it’s currently in six NYC theatres). As often happens, it probably won’t be available in many communities (e.g., the Salmon Mall adjacent to Ft. Drum, N.Y.) that would most benefit from seeing it. I just fantasized that somehow we could make it available to every potential recruit before he or she signed their enlistment contract.

Tod Ensign

Via e-mail

Tod Ensign is director of Citizen Soldier, www.citizen-soldier.org, a non-profit GI and veteran rights advocacy group based in New York City.

Significant world news

In the July 4-10 issue, the item most significant to us was the one titled “Unfair trade pact at root of Peru conflict.” We were horrified at the governmental response to peaceful demonstrations by the Peruvian indigenous people in the Amazon basin: 650 police enforcers arriving by helicopter with orders to shoot—from the air. A mass target—none of whom could be connected with any criminal act even by the rigid anti-labor, anti-indigenous people Peruvian government. The president of Peru sidestepped the issues by blaming “leftist” governments in Latin America, Venezuela and Bolivia, both of whom are finally escaping from the former dictatorial right-wing governments in their own countries.

Significant in this article was also the explanation of the “sanitized” press in Peru slanting the news and their misrepresentation of the indigenous peoples as brutal and painting themselves as innocent. The telling of the basis for all this rigid control in Peru was clear and excellent: it begins with the capitalist control, largely from the U.S., of Peruvian natural resources, a pattern widely seen in Latin America. And while our unemployment rates are staggering, theirs are far worse: 36.2 percent.

This was a brilliant and revelatory article—with a powerful photo. Thanks to People’s Weekly World and writer W. T. Whitney, Jr.

Jean Anderson

Via e-mail

Urgent care for Peltier

I received a disturbing call from Leonard Peltier today. He desperately needs to have an oncologist examine him. A general practitioner operating in the prison system is not sufficient; he needs to be seen by a specialist.

Your support with letters and phone calls to the proper officials is greatly needed at this time. The urgency is due to his previous scare of cancer. Only a specialist can determine the state of his health. He is supposed to receive an exam every three months, but according to Leonard he has only been seen once a year. How can this be? As everyone knows one examination can give you warning, anyone who has had a prognosis or scare with prostate cancer, you need to see an oncologist and be examined regularly.

He has never received proper medical attentions for his medical problems, unless this problem is addressed by his supporters he will not get this matter taken care of. As we found when he did not have his diabetic supplies last year, until the outcry was so great. Then they could not deny him.

Please ask the warden at Lewisburg Prison to give Leonard Peltier the proper medical attention he has the right to.

Lewisburg Prison Warden Bledsoe (570) 523-1251, Fax: 570-522-7745 E-mail: LEW/EXECASSISTANT@BOP.GOV

Let’s get him the treatment he deserves.

Kari Ann

Via e-mail

Kari Ann is assistant coordinator of the Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee, www.FreePeltierNow.org.


The filmmakers of “Never Turning Back, The World of Peggy Lipschutz” wish to announce that we have won the prestigious CINE Golden Eagle Award. We are really thrilled with this award as it is recognized internationally as a symbol of the highest production standard in film and television production. (Their words. Sounds good, doesn’t it?)

We have also been accepted into the SSG Summer Shorts Film Festival in Beverly Hills, Calif. The film will be screened on Sat. July 25th at 8 p.m. For more information about the festival, go to: http://www.ssgsummershortsfest.com/. So for those of you in the L.A. area, here’s your chance.

We are also waiting to hear from other film festivals and will keep you posted. Hope you are all having a pleasant summer.

Jerri Zbiral

Evanston IL

Jerri Zbiral is producer /director of “Never Turning Back, The World of Peggy Lipschutz,” www.neverturningback.net.

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