Open letter to McCain

As a proud citizen and believer in the American dream I can and do sympathize with Joe the plumber. However, we have yet to hear from you the words, “Joe the plumber still has his job, unlike so many of my friends who are now unemployed.”

I am on Social Security, living in New York City on $710 per month. While you use Joe in presenting your “remedy” to us the taxpayers and those who are out of work, what you fail to mention is that Joe would not get a tax cut under your McCain economics. If Obama becomes president he will.

Senator, when you say you cannot lower taxes for 95 percent of the people when 40 percent do not pay any taxes what you fail to mention is that 50 percent or more of those who pay no taxes are our children and retired seniors. Obama was obviously referring to the 95 percent of overburdened taxpayers, many of whom are supporting their little ones and also may be helping their parents.

Yes, Sen. McCain, the working class is familiar with trickle-down, and we reject it. It has already landed and it is crushing our economy.

Sincerely waiting for your reply,

Ken Besaw

Bronx NY

The times they are a-changin

While driving to work the other day I was listening to the Bill Press radio program and the topic was the recent steps taken by the government to partially nationalize some of the major banks on a temporary basis.

Before opening the phone lines, Mr. Press went on to explain that yes indeed we are now a socialist country and he never thought he would see the day that this would happen, and how he believes in capitalism and what about all the talk about Hugo Chavez, now we are no better than him. This stoking of the fire went on for quite some time and after the commercial break the calls started to flow.

Mr. Press did not receive the response he had hoped for, call after call supported the decision, in fact some callers felt it did not go far enough, one caller stated that it should have been done to the oil companies first. At one point Mr. Press stated that he was surprised at the reaction from his audience and then expanded on his stance, naturally he received a call from time to time that would go along with him but the majority of callers did not agree with him and stood firm.

Of course this knee jerk reaction to the government’s latest attempt at putting a band-aid on a crumbling system in no way signals a socialist USA, but it does give an indication that people are thinking outside the box and open to the idea of the present dominating the past.

Tom Fair

Cleveland OH

Cruel veto

I am hoping that the Peoples Weekly World will have an article about the cruel veto by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of SB 1322. If signed into law it would have repealed obsolete California laws that make it impossible for anyone who has been a member of the Communist Party within 5 years to be a public school teacher. The veto message was horrible. He said some people now living in California are refugees from Communism, and it would be cruel to them for him to sign this bill. I have covered the SB 1322 story at There is a search feature.

Richard Winger

San Francisco CA

New economic model

French president Nicolas Sarkozy was quoted in the Wall Street Journal (“The Confidence Game” by James Grant, October 18-19) paraphrasing a solution advocated for years by your paper’s “People Before Profits” column. Read on:

“…A new form of capitalism is needed, based on values which put finance at the service of business and citizens, not vice versa.”

Mr. Grant goes on to note that “…the sentiment is on the lips of heads of state the world over.”

Jackie Lavalle

New York NY

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