Liar, Liar: Theresa May tops Justin Bieber on UK pop charts
Screenshot from the music video of Captain SKA’s “Liar, Liar GE2017.”

A song branding British Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader Theresa May a “liar” is so popular that it has knocked pop superstar Justin Bieber off the top spot of the iTunes charts in that country.

The hit “Liar Liar GE2017” by Captain SKA, self-described producers of “politically-inclined reggae music,” slams the Prime Minister for her litany of lies in speeches and interviews. Samples include her stating that she would not call a snap general election, followed by a chorus of “she’s a liar, liar.”

May became prime minister last summer following the resignation of David Cameron after British voters chose to leave the European Union. May is currently heading the Conservative Party’s campaign in a tough election against the Labour Party and its left-wing leader, Jeremy Corbyn. The terms of Brexit and May’s plans for further austerity are the key issues in the vote, which will take place in one week.

Captain SKA’s tune briefly became the most downloaded iTunes track yesterday, ousting Bieber’s remix of Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito” from the top spot.

All proceeds from Captain SKA’s song – promoted by the People’s Assembly Against Austerity (PAAA) campaign group – sold before June 8 will be donated to food banks across Britain.

Even though “Liar, Liar” is soaring up the charts, radio stations have been accused of banning the song. BBC Radio 1 said: “We do not ban songs or artists, however our editorial guidelines require us to remain impartial and the UK is currently in an election period so we will not be playing the song.”

PAAA has organized a protest which will bring supporters out to the BBC Broadcasting House to call on the public broadcaster to play the track.



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