Mobilize for health care this Saturday, unions urge

Real health care reform: It’s happening and it’s happening now.

Your demand for health care for all has been heard loud and clear. President Obama and leaders in Congress are moving quickly to make it a reality, but success is far from assured.
Insurance companies are gearing up to spend millions of dollars again in an effort to derail real health care reform.

That’s where you come in. This Saturday, June 6, in homes across the country, members of Organizing for America are holding thousands
of events to discuss real health care reform and make local plans to help it pass this year in spite of the multimillion-dollar lobbying efforts bent on stopping reform.

Join in–be a part of this fight.

Find a local Organizing for America Health Care Reform Kickoff event near you:

In the next few weeks, we expect the House and Senate to draft actual health care reform legislation. Never has it been more critical for your voice to be heard. These events are a great opportunity to ensure that America’s workers are represented in the fight for real health care reform.

Be sure to emphasize that health care reform must:

* Include a public health insurance option that will bring down costs and guarantee quality affordable health care for all.

* Require employers to pay their fair share to prevent companies from shifting costs for their workers to taxpayers and firms that offer good benefits.

* Ensure affordable coverage for pre-Medicare retirees, who can’t get affordable coverage on their own.

* Reject schemes to tax health benefits, which would unfairly raise costs for workers–especially vulnerable workers.

Make sure our voice is heard. Attend an Organizing for America Health Care Reform Kickoff event near you: