No Heroes
The rubble of Hiroshima, Sept. 8, 1945. | AP

There were no heroes
in Hiroshima,
only shadows
misery and mortality
like a terrestrial terror
by a demonic order
from the president
who called himself
a True Man,
setting a precedent
for a power shift
to the Capitol.

An aircraft
plain to see
was bombarding
with atoms
that exploded
like mushrooms
in a cloud
which rained
upon a city,
a nagging replay
in Nagasaki,
in racist retribution
for a nation
led by brutes
already vanquished
in war battles
by Bolsheviki
and their allies.

T`was a signal
to Socialism
of a U.S. supreme
and the nucleus
of a race
to arms
in cold conflict,
to inflict
war again
on peoples
who yearned
for peace.



Peter Marcus
Peter Marcus

Canadian Peter Marcus is a poet, retired hospital worker, and a long-time trade unionist and political activist. As the Communist Party federal election candidate in Vancouver East, where he has lived for almost fifty years, he calls for comprehensive action to tackle the crises of homelessness, unemployment, drug addiction, and mental illness, especially in the Downtown Eastside, the poorest urban postal code in Canada. He is campaigning for an emergency plan to build low-income and social housing, involving all levels of government.