The White House continued to knock down false information about the president’s health reform plan by addressing false rumors circulated in the right-wing media that claim reform could force veterans out of the VA health care system.

Matt Flavin, White House Director of Veterans and Wounded Warrior Policy, flatly rejected such claims. In a video, which was released on the White House’s , Flavin stated that veterans receiving VA health care benefits will be unaffected by general health insurance reform plan.

‘If you are eligible for VA health care, you will remain eligible,’ Director Flavin indicated. Under the House health reform bill, veterans in the VA health care system are excluded from the individual mandate requirement, which would penalize individuals that refuse to buy a health insurance plan. President Obama has pledged to ensure this provision is included in the final bill.

In addition to these measures, veterans and their families will also have have the same choices of insurance plans along with the consumer protections proposed in the reform package that all Americans would have if the plan is passed.

‘So Veterans, please be comforted in the fact that your health care will not change under health reform efforts,’ Flavin explained. ‘There is no effect.’

Flavin went on to point out that the President has also expanded VA health care benefits to an additional 500,000 veterans excluded from coverage by the rules imposed by the previous administration.

View the video with Director Flavin here:


Joel Wendland-Liu
Joel Wendland-Liu

Joel Wendland-Liu teaches courses on diversity, intercultural competence, migration, and civil rights at Grand Valley State University in West Michigan. He is the author of The Collectivity of Life: Spaces of Social Mobility and the Individualism Myth, and a former editor of Political Affairs.