Hey Bush step back.
Stop trying to kill Iraq.
You devil that’s a fact.
Stop trying to act.
You plan about to crash.
You don’t care about the people
you just trying to get the cash.
You just trying to burn people to ash.
Gas prices getting higher than the flash.
I know your evil plans for disaster.
You’re not a master.
I’m catching up to you, you better run faster.
You are spending that money on war that will never be spent on the poor or maybe schools.
All y’all guys are fools, stop bending the rules.
Why you still here?
I have no fear.
Why can’t you make the idea clear?
I’m gonna kick you out.
Ouch, I’m coming out of scratch.
You and money don’t match.
You crazy. You killing babies and men, ladies.
Obviously you got rabies.
I already know that you hate me.
People dying.
You lying.
Families crying.
People trying.
Your plans ain’t flying.
Mirror mirror on the wall.
Who is the stupidest man of all?
Bush of course.
He destroys dreams.
Every day there’s screams.
At first Iraq might seem harmless.
Until you see people that are armless.
Bush you’re heartless.
You have no brain.
And the people that vote for you the same.
Why you so lame?
Now I know your game.
I can’t believe you have no shame.
Man. And if you don’t understand let me explain.
Bush raises taxes and stuff to pay for war.
He wants more.
Next, he destroys families, and destruction.
Then makes us pay for construction.
Then he always tries to make your brain malfunction.
But they don’t really tell you their mission.
They try to cover it up with television.

Samir Bushra is a fifth grader from Minneapolis.