These days you can find many LGBT titles at your local public library, nearby bookstore, and of course online. These include poetry, graphic novels and comics, classic and contemporary fiction and a whole lot more. Share your suggestions at


“Lost Prophet: The Life and Times of Bayard Rustin” by John D’Emilio

“Queer In America: Sex, Media and Closets Of Power” by Michelangelo Signorile

“And the Band Played On: Politics, People and the Aids Epidemic” by Randy Shilts

“The Mayor Of Castro Street: The Life And Times Of Harvey Milk” by Randy Shilts

“Conduct Unbecoming: Gays and Lesbians in the U.S. Military” by Randy Shilts

“Stonewall: The Riots That Sparked The Gay Revolution” by David Carter

— Anne Montegue

“Trouble with Harry Hay” by Stuart Timmons

— Barbara Russum

“Beyond the Pale: A Novel” by Elana Dykewomon This compelling novel about Russian-Jewish immigrant and lesbian life at the turn-of-the century is a multi-layered, odyssey of a lesbian woman forced to flee the horrific anti-Semitism of Russia to the challenges of an immigrant life in New York.

— Terrie Albano


“Brother Outsider: The Life Of Bayard Rustin” by Sam Pollard (executive producer), Nancy D. Kates (producer/director), Bennett Singer (producer/director).

— Anne Montegue

“Paris is Burning” is a classic independent film by Jennie Livingston about the transvestite club underground in NYC circa 1990s. Very good movie!

— Valeda Dent

“Transamerica” directed and written by Duncan Tucker is a wonderful film about transexuality, humanity, community, family and love in America.

— Terrie Albano