After decades of increased power and sway, the ultra-right wing of the Republican Party is not accustomed to having to serve as the ‘loyal opposition.’ (In fact, I don’t think they fully understand the term — as the hysteria being whipped up by the radio shock-jocks and squawking heads at Fox is far from loyal, and their disorganized attempts to create an AstroTurf uproar barely qualifies as opposition.)

All of their sham outrage got me thinking that the balance of power is actually shifting in our country, and that no one has a better sense of it than those on the losing end. Not that the left-wing has taken over, or that we are just around the corner from achieving a truly democratic economy and society. But these guys are freaking out because the forces of progress are on the march, and we are getting nearer every day to our . For once, we have a President who at the very least is willing to listen — and they can’t stand it.

In the end, I have little sympathy for these teabaggers who suddenly feel like they are facing taxation without representation. There are millions more of us who have felt the same way for the last 8 years, if not for much, much longer. And that’s why we had an election in 2008 — and when they counted the ballots, our guy won.

So here’s a good business opportunity for a smart entrepreneur: a bumper sticker that will really drive them over the edge, reading So Glad I Voted for Obama.

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