Republicans step up attacks on the poor
Despite protests against their tax cuts for the rich, protests that happened all across the country, the GOP controlled Congress rammed them through and Trump signed them into law. | Timothy D. Easley/AP

This week, congressional Republicans doubled down on their tax scam for the rich and corporations―introducing Tax Scam Round 2, which if passed, would be used as an excuse for further attacks on critical services.

But this is not the only attack on programs that support working families. Earlier this year, President Trump issued an executive order that allows states to attach work requirements to Medicaid, effectively ripping health care away from those most in need.

And now, House Republicans are also seeking to attach work requirements to SNAP benefits―food stamps for hungry children and families. If enacted, this would take food away from millions of families in need.

EPI just released a new report which shows that work requirements do nothing to raise employment. Instead they harm working people struggling to carve out a living in low-paying jobs with often-erratic work schedules.

With no help from Republicans in Congress or President Trump, the economy continues to slowly improve along many margins, but it is still not providing stable, decent employment with standard hours and employer-provided health insurance to all working-class people.

SNAP and Medicaid help ensure that all families have access to decent nutrition and health care, which are crucial supports to work, not barriers. Help us fight Donald Trump and congressional Republicans’ work requirements, which are nothing more than an attack on low-income families.

Josh Bivens is director of research at the Economic Policy Institute


Josh Bivens
Josh Bivens

Josh Bivens is the chief economist at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI). His areas of research include macroeconomics, inequality, social insurance, public investment, and the economics of globalization.