Russian homeland threatened by feminism

Vladimir Putin’s government’s crack down on Pussy Riot may have helped save the Russian Federation from the peril of creeping feminism. One of his government’s closest allies, Patriarch Kirill who leads the Russian Orthodox Church, has just announced, according to Reuters, that feminism is a very dangerous ideology and could even lead to the destruction of the Russian Homeland. This makes it more dangerous than communism which never threatened the existence of the homeland. It puts feminism right up there with Nazism which did threaten the existence of the homeland.  President Putin has said the Church is a protector of Russian national values, something he would never say about Pussy Riot. After having had over seventy years of a socialist government 75 percent of the people still identify with the Russian Orthodox Church (say it ain’t so, Joe!).

I don’t want to contradict the Patriarch, who like the Pope, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and some others may share a party line with Jesus, just report his wisdom to the laity. That wisdom consists of knowing what the true role of men and women is in the world and in society. After all, the organization represented by the Patriarch has been around for a couple of thousand years and has had plenty of time to figure this out, even if it had not been handed down from on high. The role of women is, as many men have always suspected the 3Ks, Kinder, Küche, Kirche (sorry for the German; that’s Children, Kitchen, Church).

Last Tuesday (4-10-13) the Patriarch stated: “I find very dangerous this phenomenon, which is called feminism, because feminist organizations proclaim a pseudo-freedom of women that should in the first place be manifested outside marriage and outside the family.” Well, progressives should be against pseudo-freedom and it seems the Church thinks women can only find real freedom inside marriage (presumably a gay marriage would not count) and inside the family. This leaves Christian feminists, gay or otherwise, in an embarrassing position.

But where do men find freedom? The Patriarch said, “Man turns his sight outward, he should work, make money. While a woman is always focused inwards towards her children, her home.” So it seems stay at home dads have pseudo-freedom while those lucky guys out in the factories and assembly lines, or anywhere they can make money, are enjoying freedom (even if they have to compete with pseudo-free women demanding equal opportunities).

It would also seem the more money the more freedom– and this may actually be so in a capitalist economic system. Putin and Kirill may be on to something. They don’t want communism [crypto-feminism, or is it vice-versa?] back in the homeland subjecting women to the pseudo-freedom of  jobs and daycare and trying to enslave men into doing housework (I’m not sure that was very successful anyway).

It is fairly obvious that feminist groups and organizations (and bands like Pussy Riot) are a grave danger not only to themselves but to the true function of womanhood in service to the KKK of freedom. The Patriarch warns “If this exceptionally important role of a woman is destroyed, everything will be destroyed as a consequence – family and, if you wish, the homeland.”

Well. we can’t have that. But I doubt that the KKK is really in the best interests of women or even that the Patriarch is on the right party line. His calls may be coming from that other place. Maybe Pussy Riot really should be performing in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior– it has divine acoustics.

Photo: A demonstrator calls for freeing Pussy Riot. Nikolas Giakoumidias/AP



Thomas Riggins
Thomas Riggins

Thomas Riggins has a background in philisophy, anthropology and archeology. He writes from New York, NY. Riggins was associate editor of Political Affairs magazine.