Bank of America and Wall Street got bailed out. Workers, homeowners and Main Street got sold out.

Chicago Jobs with Justice, in coordination with community, labor and faith partners, is calling all supporters to:

Wednesday, December 10 at 12 noon
Bank of America Headquarters
231 S. LaSalle

Support workers at Republic Windows and Doors and their sit-in.

Stop foreclosures and save housing.

Bank of America took $25 billion from the Wall Street Bailout. Like others, they have resisted investing in jobs, housing and the other needs of the Main Street economy. Instead, Bank of America, like the rest of them, is buying other banks, investing in foreign projects and paying their executives big bonuses.

At the rally will be people facing the crisis: workers occupying Republic Windows and Doors; families being evicted due to foreclosure by Bank of America; and other people fighting back and demanding a People’s Bailout.

Hundreds of laid-off workers at Republic Windows and Doors in Chicago have occupied their factory and are refusing to leave without receiving the benefits they rightly deserve — they’re staying in the office day and night in their quest for justice.

Join in sending a message to Bank of America and Congressional leaders to ensure that the Bailout Program be used to provide workers and companies with lines of credit to save these and other workers’ jobs.