Original source: AFL-CIO Now

The fight for workers’ freedom to form unions comes to Washington, D.C., tomorrow night, as advocates, activists and concerned citizens travel here to visit their senators and demand passage of the Employee Free Choice Act.

More than 300 Employee Free Choice supporters from 15 states, including faith leaders, civil rights advocates, environmentalists, small business owners and members of a broad array of community groups will spend Sept. 10 on Capitol Hill asking their senators to support strong labor law reform. This diverse group understands that to restore an economy that works for everyone, we need to give workers the ability to form a union and bargain without intimidation or abuses from their bosses.

State delegations will hold send-off events tomorrow as they send advocates to Washington.
In addition to in-person visits, supporters of the Employee Free Choice Act will be reaching out to their members of Congress in letters, phone calls and faxes, as well as getting the word out online. The day of action on the Employee Free Choice Act is part of a broad grassroots campaign that included public events and TV ads over Labor Day weekend, as well as hundreds of events over the August congressional recess. Thousands of union members and allies have delivered phone calls, petitions and letters to their senators and representatives, asking them to pass new labor law that restores workers’ freedom to form a union and bargain for a better life.