While we in Texas worry about the safety of our soldier friend in Iraq, he’s worrying about how to improve our PWW circulation. Here are more excerpts from his correspondence.

Dear Jim,

Did you know there are people who get socialism mixed up with Nazis? Most people here don’t even know there is a movement.

I guess that is cool that a folksinger [Anne Feeney] is coming to North Texas. You know, that made me think of something. I had a PWW at the office the other day and there was a small sports section in it. People flocked to it because of the sports. Then they read some of the articles and liked it. I think it is important to use things like that to grab people’s attention.

My main concern is about getting information out. I know the party prints out pamphlets, and that is effective, but I think we should do more to get more about the class struggle out. Maybe sponsor some events like an independent film festival, or music fest, or sporting event.

I love the idea of the grass roots struggle. Building socialism starts in the community.

Also, if national is asking about sending pamphlets, maybe you can get them to send a bundle or so my way. If I have to pay for them that is cool. OK. That is it.

I didn’t mean to alarm you yesterday when I said that people are threatening me with my life. I meant the people here waiting in line for the internet. Ha! Although, we do get mortars shot at us a lot.


Sal of the Sand