Texas May Day includes immigration reform

DALLAS – Young radicals celebrated International Labor Day here with a march through downtown. The largest banner was on immigration reform. According to the Spanish-language TV reports, San Antonio’s Mayday march focused on immigrants’ rights. Most of the marchers in Dallas were students associated with several different radical groupings. The Stagehandler’s union, IATSE 127, and Transport Workers from TWU Local 513 were in the crowd. Advertisements before the march carried endorsements from Communications Workers Local 6201 and Electrical Workers Local 20.

Some marchers carried signs calling for a mass labor party, some came directly to the point and called for socialism now. Even though abruptly bad weather left them with only about 75 in the march, it was nevertheless significant as the only May 1st celebration in Dallas in living memory. May Day is on its way to becoming as important and legitimate a day of celebration for workers all over America as it has been for over a century over the rest of the world.

Photo: Jim Lane/PW