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President Donald Trump delivers remarks at the Republican National Committee winter meeting at the Trump International Hotel, February 1, in Washington. One PW reader questions a recent article's assertion that the GOP is the most dangerous party in history. | Olivier Douliery / Abaca Press via AP

Cut the hyperbole

Re: A people’s diplomacy for a dangerous world

Please edit this article to cut out the hyperbole. The Republican Party is the most dangerous party in history? Please. What about the Nazi Party, the Italian fascists, the Spanish fascists, not to mention the Democrats prior to the U.S. Civil War?

Laurent Ross


Guantanamo still belongs to Cuba

What is the United States doing still holding some prisoners in Guantanamo in violation of international law? Equally important, what is the U.S. doing in Guantanamo at all? Western media never raises this issue at all, leaving the American people to believe Guantanamo just belongs to the U.S.

WRONG!! It’s Cuban national territory.

Since 1959, the Cubans have demanded that the U.S. vacate the area and return Guantanamo to Cuba. Given it’s size, that’s all Cuba can do, unlike the People’s Republic of China who, in the 20th century, demanded that Portugal leave the Chinese territory of Macao which it had colonized a century before when China was weak. Being no match for China, Portugal returned Macao to China.

Also, the same western media offers multitudes of criticism of Russia and Putin for it’s annexation of the Crimea. Is it any wonder that those who get their news solely from Western media lack a sense of reality of what goes on around the world?

Lawrence H. Geller


Lighten up on D.C.’s Evans

Re: D.C. transit union: No special subway cars for white supremacists!

There is no love lost whatsoever between Washington, D.C., City Councilman Jack Evans and me. He is probably the most right-wing member of the City Council. He has generally played a reactionary role in the city. And, I even have had bad experiences with him when I was a Green Party candidate for the Council. But, we have to keep that in the context of the fairly liberal Council and population that makes up the District of Columbia. Remember, D.C. is the only “state” that has consistently voted Democratic, even in the Republican electoral college massacres of 1972 and 1984. So while we in D.C. may think of Evans as a reactionary figure, in the national context, he is certainly a center figure within the Democratic Party.

I think that it’s unfair and not in keeping with the CPUSA’s effort to develop left-center unity in this time of extreme right-wing dominance of the levers of power, to have inserted the word “allegedly” to describe the reasoning behind Evan’s proposal to have separate cars for the white supremacists who plan to rally in D.C.’s Lafayette Park on August 12. Evans proposed the separate cars in an effort to help maintain the peace. While I think the transit workers union was well within its rights to reject this proposal, I think it incorrect to assume that Evans had any other motives than keeping the peace.

Laurent Ross


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