Union oil workers to rally at Shell headquarters

HOUSTON – The United Steelworkers (USW) yesteday said that Houston area oil workers will sponsor a noon rally at Shell headquarters on Friday, Feb. 6, to show management that union members are united in their drive for a fair contract that improves safety throughout the industry.

Union members began a strike at nine U.S. refineries and chemical plants in California, Kentucky, Texas, and Washington on Feb. 1, after their previous contract expired and industry negotiators, represented by Shell, failed to address serious concerns raised by the USW regarding the health and safety of workers and their communities.

USW members account for about 64 percent of the country’s oil refining capacity, and more locations could soon join the strike if necessary.

On Saturday, the union will hold a National Day of Action at 65 oil refineries, while steelworkers at almost 200 other facilities across the country, including oil terminals, pipelines and petrochemical plants, will also participate in solidarity actions.

Photo: Kirk Sides/AP & The Courier


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Special to PeoplesWorld.org

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