Workers Correspondence

The other day, I went to the drug store to fill five prescriptions for my wife and me. My total cost was $10.

There were two other retired workers in line with me, also getting prescriptions, one Black American, the other Polish American. The Polish American worker paid $200 for three prescriptions, and the Black American worker paid $150 for four prescriptions.

At first I thought they must have been prescribed some unusual medicine, but I found out that two of the prescriptions that each of these workers bought are the same as I purchased. In talking, I discovered that the two workers didn’t have a union at their place of employment.

I realize how fortunate I am to be covered by a union contract that charges me $2 co-pay. This strengthens my resolve to support brother Gettelfinger’s (UAW president) position to General Motors, Ford, and Daimler/Chrysler to keep our health care as it is and to push for a national health insurance plan to cover all Americans.

– Jim Gallo, Daimler/Chrysler retiree