We reject the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom: A guest editorial
Rich Pedroncelli / AP

(August 23, 2021) — The Republican impeachment campaign against California Governor Gavin Newsom would seem like a sham were it not for the fact that it is a serious undemocratic attempt to subvert our government and install a representative of a shrinking minority into power.

Ballots for the Sept. 14 special recall election are already reaching more than 22 million Californians. This is an urgent call from the editorial board of La Opinión to the Latino community to defend their rights by rejecting Newsom’s removal.

There are two questions on the ballot. Question 1 asks if the voter supports the recall—yes or no, to which we ask that the answer be a categorical NO. On Question 2, a very long list of 47 candidates unfolds, almost all of them Republicans, who are either unknown or dangerous or both. Answering the second question on the ballot is optional and we do not consider it necessary, because the opposition to the dismissal must be forceful, with one voice—vote NO on Question 1.

If the recall succeeds with a count of more than 50% of the votes, then one of these candidates would become the governor of California, without the need for a majority or second round. He or she would be someone who does not reflect the values of the majority of Californians; rather, they would represent a bombastic and increasingly extreme minority.

A review of that list shows mostly unknown candidates, politicians on their own, who stand out for their mediocrity. There’s longtime candidate John Cox, who lost to Newsom in 2018 and has put up ten million dollars of his own money. He appears at the rallies with a bear and a garbage can. There’s Caitlyn Jenner, the Kardashian-related “television personality” and candidate who bases her current fame on her gender transition. Also former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who is shifting to positions that make him acceptable to Trump’s “base.”

Finally, topping the polls (of replacement candidates) and probably the worst of all: radio host Larry Elder. He is a lifelong apologist for Trump, who supports eliminating the minimum wage, considers climate change a fable, denies the deadly dangers of tobacco, considers abortion murder, promises to lay off 15,000 teachers, opposes equality for women, and rejects the mask and the vaccine to prevent COVID-19. Positions that he generally shares with the rest of the candidates and that are contrary to the general public.

They blame Gavin Newsom for all of California’s ills, both real and fictitious. In their electoral propaganda they draw a false image of a supposedly collapsed state, drowning in crime, whose inhabitants and businesses abandon it. Actually, Newsom has made mistakes. And one of those errors is exploited by his opponents to distort his image. In a festive event he was seen in a fancy restaurant, with 10 people, without a mask and without social distancing. We criticize him for this lapse in judgment, but we firmly oppose recalling him.

The idea of the “recall” or impeachment vote has existed since even before the beginning of his term. Republican forces waited for the best opportunity to launch it. The COVID-19 pandemic fell like manna from heaven. This special election was called exclusively for the recall. There is no other issue on the ballot, nothing that could attract more voters. Thus, the best ally of the promoters of this recall is apathy and low participation.

They fervently wish that we Latinos not vote.

Surveys encourage the recall proponents; because they are very close to 50% likely voters, which would drive Newsom out of power. That is why your electoral participation is crucial, to neutralize, with the force of numbers, the impetus of those who would vote to recall Newsom. Gavin Newsom came into office with the support of 62% of the electorate. In his two and a half years in office, he has been attentive to the economic stability of the state, sensitive to the ups and downs caused by the coronavirus, and flexible in the debate between reopening the economy or closing certain businesses again. He is careful with state funds. With the large budget surplus he promotes low-cost housing and a solution for the homeless. He is behind a gigantic effort to vaccinate most of the population as soon as possible.

At the national level, our democracy continues to be under grave threat. Political violence is simmering. Polarization envelops families and neighbors to the point of physical attack. But it could be worse, and not only in California, if the impeachment of Gavin Newsom succeeds.

Editorial: Rechazamos la destitución de Gavin Newsom

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