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As thousands of workers and their unions rally today in Washington for comprehensive health care reform AFSCME Legislative Director Chuck Loveless says private insurers cannot continue to monopolize health care.

“It’s extremely important that insurance companies have to compete with a government plan option. And if the government plan option is not in he mix, we’re not gonna get the kind of reform that we want to see.”

Loveless says AFSCME wants to see employers pay their fair share and health care reform should NOT include taxing the health benefits of working families.

“We want to see a progressive tax policy to help pay for health care reform. We do not want to see health care benefits for average middle Americans to be taxed. And that is, of course a serious policy option that’s being considered now in the United States Senate.’

AFSCME also says a Medicaid expansion paid for by the federal government is a vital componet of meaningful health care reform.