Congresswoman Hilda Solis’ confirmation to be our new Secretary of Labor is now scheduled for a ‘test’ vote on Tuesday, Feb. 24, in the Senate. This means that she must get 60 votes to stop a filibuster before she can be confirmed.

The Republicans are fully mobilized by big business and the far right to try and prevent her confirmation. Her husband’s taxes have nothing to do with it. They are determined to stop her nomination as a way of fighting against the Employee Free Choice Act. She, like President Obama, strongly supports the bill.

This is fully in keeping with the Republican’s unsuccessful efforts to derail the economic stimulus package. In fact it is a continuation of the same Republican bankruptcy that pushes tax breaks for the rich and rejects public works and people helping spending. The ultra right in the Republican Party and big business fear Employee Free Choice because of the crucial role the legislation will play in economic recovery. It will mean they and the rich will have to settle for less to promote recovery. After all it was the profiteering of the Banks and big business that got us into this economic crisis.

Hilda Solis and passage of Employee Free Choice will spur economic recovery by raising wages and working conditions for millions of working families. This means good jobs/green jobs from the economic stimulus that get money circulating by creating demand for goods and services. The combination of a Secretary of Labor that actually represents the interests of labor and passage of Employee Free Choice are the best counterbalance to the greed and power of Wall Street and big business. They are our country’s best bet for economic recovery.

Take Action Now:

Number 1: pick up the telephone and call 202-224-3121 (or use the toll-free service at 866-544-7573). Ask the Capitol operator to transfer you to one of your state’s U.S. senators. When you’re connected, say you’re calling to urge your senator to urge her/him to vote to confirm Hilda Solis on Feb. 24.