President-elect Obama’s now oft-repeated refrain that “the people’s business can’t wait” is becoming more obvious every day.

The crashing of overloaded electronic unemployment filing systems in many parts of the country underlines again the urgency of the economic recovery plan he is proposing. That plan includes the kinds of financial assistance that the states need to maintain vital services during this economic crisis.

As the number of jobless people reaches historic proportions, tens of thousands face immediate disaster for themselves and for their families. The times demand a public apparatus ready to provide the immediate, urgent help people need. After all, it is the workers who foot the bill for government. When they are tossed onto the jobless pile they deserve speedy assistance from that government. States that are forced to slash budgets cannot provide this assistance.

Tell your representatives in Congress that they must move quickly to pass the economic rescue plan for Main Street. The people’s business cannot wait.