Protesters arrested

Five activists were arrested by the Albuquerque police for utilizing their constitutional right of free speech at the Crown Plaza Hotel against Enron and Bush’s war and domestic policies during President Bush’s visit to Albuquerque on April 29.

More than 200 Albuquerque citizens were on hand to peacefully voice their concerns about the Enron disaster and its impact on lost jobs and massive losses to retirement funds throughout the country, to call for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and to oppose privatizing Social Security.

Some $20 million of teacher retirement funds were lost in New Mexico alone because of the Enron scam.

Both Bush and New Mexico Rep. Heather Wilson received sizable donations from Enron during the last carnpaign. Bush was hosting a fundraiser for Wilson during his visit on April 29.

The Albuquerque police used excessive force when several mounted police herded citizens like cattle on San Francisco St., across from the Crown Plaza Hotel.

They practically ran Steve Drake, a disabled iron worker, and myself, a former NM AFL-CIO COPE director, over with their horses. When Drake expressed dismay at the action, he was arrested. Both Drake and I are employed by Re-Visioning New Mexico, a community-based organization.

The N.M. Chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is looking into the matter.

Mike ShaeAlbuquerque NM

Save the ABM Treaty

I just sent a fax to my Senators about Bush breaking the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty and thought others might want to, too.

On June 13, the United States will become the first major power to withdraw from an established arms control treaty, the ABM Treaty. In doing so, the president of the United States is demonstrating his leadership for international anarchy, for unilateral executive action that disregards the Congress on critical foreign policy decisions, and for placing the law of force over the force of law in international relations.

To send a fax to senators asking them to block this action and to get more information, go to

Tina WheelerBaltimore MD

ADAPT protest

Thanks for the picture showing members of ADAPT protesting in front of the White House (5/18).

I live in the D.C. area, and while I was driving home one evening, the radio traffic report mentioned that some wheelchair protesters had caused a downtown traffic jam. The radio station never mentioned the reason for the protest.

Later, I searched some of our local major media sources and could not find a reference to the protest.

If it had not been for the People’s Weekly World, I would never have found out what the protest was about.

Greg LaMottaAnnandale VA

18,000 young adults killed

You didn’t see this headline? Of course not. That’s merely the number of young adults that die each year because they don’t have health insurance.

And besides, if we emphasized this tragedy, we would probably have to report the follow-up stories that demonstrate that these young adults (and everyone else) could have had life-saving insurance at no net additional cost to us.

Instead, bland stories on the policy issues are the order of the day (not to mention that the media wouldn’t want to risk losing advertising revenue from the private health plans).

Then the administration wouldn’t be pressured to renew its protest that it’s un-American to have the government interfere with the health insurance marketplace. And we won’t have to see our administration’s typical rhetoric that “18,000 young Americans gave their lives for a free America, protecting the principles that make America the great nation that it is.”

Since Sept. 11, our government is turning the world upside down because of the tragic loss of life that day. Yet just since Sept. 11, four times as many young adults have died because of the lack of insurance. Each two months of inaction duplicates the loss of that tragic day. And our government remains silent. Our leaders won’t even discuss real solutions because, “We don’t want ‘the government’ involved in our health insurance.”

Why does America tolerate this rhetoric? It’s sick! Our health care system is sick! And our political leaders are doing nothing to cure the problems! It’s time to grab the placards and take to the streets! Let’s go!

A readerVia e-mail