They say that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Maybe, at times, that’s true.

This is about what is going to happen in another city, however — the home of the Pirates, Steeltown, USA, — the city of Pittsburgh.

Consider this an invitation to come with us to that city this September to help launch something that will definitely not stay in Pittsburgh. In fact, it just might be a shot heard round the world and the beginning of something bigger and better than anything we have ever seen in American politics.

The AFL-CIO will hold its quadrennial national convention in Steeltown from Sept. 13 to 17.

Just another meeting, you ask? Not on your life.

The gathering comes on the heels of the historic and successful full fledged entrance of a united labor movement into our national politics and the resulting election of President Barack Obama.

The gathering in Pittsburgh comes while lawmakers in the nation’s capital put the finishing touches on legislation that could end the national shame of 50 million Americans living, in this 21st century, without health insurance.

The gathering in Pittsburgh comes as Congress prepares to vote on the most significant labor law reform since the Great Depression.

The gathering in Pittsburgh comes as labor and its allies confront the task of clearing away the economic wreckage of a 30 year era of ultra-right domination in our country.

The gathering in Pittsburgh comes as the entire world grapples with how to beat swords into ploughshares and how to forge a future of growth, jobs, and income for all.

The gathering in Pittsburgh comes while the world grapples with how to save the planet itself from dangerous warming.

The gathering in Pittsburgh comes as this country we love enters an unprecedented era of reform. The question we, as a people face, is whether that reform will fizzle out or whether it will last for a very long time and perhaps grow into something bigger and better.

The reforms of the 1930s lasted a long time because they were working class led. In Pittsburgh we expect to literally see a massive labor-led peoples’ movement catching its breath, energizing itself and mobilizing for the struggles ahead.

Labor will be mapping plans to expand union membership to millions now unorganized.

Success will mean a much more organized working class in America.

That success will guarantee that the reforms of this era will, indeed, be enduring ones.

Through us you can be where all of this is happening.

The People’s Weekly World will be in Pittsburgh, covering developments every step of the way.

We will give you the best coverage you can get because, as you have read, we have the perspective others don’t. The People’s Weekly World, unlike others, knows what to look for at a labor convention. We, like the labor movement and its allies, know the people want to read about what’s at stake for them.

We’re taking our responsibility so seriously that we plan to have a full team on the ground to bring you developments as they happen. We want to do our best because you deserve the best.

You can help us accomplish this by sending a contribution of whatever you can afford. You can be confident that whatever you send will be used to make the quality of our work that much better. You can read about, listen to and watch the events in Pittsburgh at the PWW website every day and you can read about them again when the paper comes out in print.

We are excited about this and want to produce a product that you, our readers, will be proud of and a product that helps the whole movement move forward. Please help. Please come with us to Pittsburgh.