The People’s World May Day book is back – Reserve your ad now!

CHICAGO—May Day is just around the corner, and coming with it is the People’s World May Day Greetings Book.

People’s World is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and we need your support to keep it going into its second century. As you prepare for your local International Worker’s Day festivities, think about what you want to celebrate in this year’s edition of the national People’s World May Day Greetings Book.

People’s World offers an important alternative to the mainstream corporate media, which rarely reports on labor and union strikes, protests supporting the Palestinian people, and other issues that are of interest to workers and progressives.

Unlike the big TV news networks and flashy publications that are beholden to corporate cash and wealthy billionaires who dictate what they can report on, People’s World relies on you—our readers—to keep the lights on.

That’s why we’re asking for your help, and in addition to donations and taking out a monthly sustainer, the May Day Program Book is another way to support your favorite paper while also broadcasting a message to all the paper’s readers across the country and around the world.

In 2023, supporters bought $10,000 worth of ads celebrating working class heroes and historic wins for labor and democracy.

Check out last year’s book for ideas!

Friends from Staten Island, N.Y., gave a shout out to the Amazon Labor Union and Amazon workers everywhere who were fighting for better pay, benefits, and working conditions. Iowa activist and labor veteran Joe Henry expressed solidarity with his fellow Teamsters at UPS in their fight for a strong contract.

The Claudia Jones School for Political Education in D.C. reminded us that the liberation of Black women is essential to our movement and that political education gives us the tools to free ourselves.

The Chicago Club of the Communist Party chose to celebrate their local May Day working-class heroes, Lucy and Albert Parsons. A few hours away, the Peoria Club honored their own local working-class hero, Mark Clark.

The Ohio District of the Communist Party fought hard in collaboration with various coalitions to successfully restore reproductive rights in Ohio in the last November election—they celebrated their win in the pages of the May Day Greetings Book.

We at People’s World also celebrate friends and family. For example, the volunteer crew at the Unity Center wished a happy 18th Birthday to Jazzmyne Parks.

Now is your chance to promote what’s important to you in front of our readers! Maybe you want to celebrate your local city council passing a resolution for a ceasefire in Gaza. Did you just learn about a local working-class hero you want others to know about? How about giving the spotlight to one of the 500,000 workers who went on strike last year? It’s up to you to decide!

Here are the ad rates:

Full page (8 ½” X 11”) = $300

Half page (8 ½” X 5 ½”) = $180

Quarter page (4 1/4” X 5 ½”) = $90

Eighth page (4 ¼” X 2 ¾”) = $60

Sixteenth page (2 1/8” X 2 ¾”) = $30

Name Listing = $15


You can send camera-ready copy or text and graphics, and we’ll lay it out on the page. Or, you can send text and graphics and our design team will create a beautiful ad for you.

Please submit your ad and information using the online form by April 12.

Then, pay for your ad online at the People’s World donate page. Your donation will be matched to your name and credited as payment for your ad.

Or, if you prefer, mail a check payable to “People’s World” to:

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