May Day Greetings Book 2023: Honoring our working class heroes, past and present

May Day was born when U.S. workers in Chicago dropped tools and fought for the 8-hour day in 1886. It is the cherished gift of the multi-racial U.S. working class and people to workers everywhere.

Known around the globe as International Workers Day, May 1st honors all workers and people fighting for democracy and progress, higher wages, better benefits, safe working conditions, equal pay for equal work, collective bargaining rights, and a voice at work.

To celebrate, we’re proud to present this May Day Greetings Book, the first installment in a new annual tradition at People’s World. In these pages, you’ll find a sampling of the struggles, organizations, and people that are near and dear to the hearts of our readers and supporters around the country.

If you took out an ad for this book, which directly supports the People’s World Fund Drive, THANK YOU. But if you missed your chance, don’t worry, the May Day Greetings Book will be back next year (and you can still donate to support the paper in the meantime).

People’s World is a proud part of the long history of working-class and democratic mass media speaking truth to power. This May Day, we join with millions to uphold that vision and defend democracy against the attacks by the cabal of extreme right-wing billionaires and MAGA fascists.

Every march, protest, strike, organizing drive, vote, and spoken or written truth is a blow for freedom! Happy May Day!

In solidarity,

John Wojcik, Editor-in-Chief
Chauncey K. Robinson, Social Media Editor
C.J. Atkins, Managing Editor
John Bachtell, President, Long View Publishing

Details on ordering printed copies of the May Day 2023 Greetings Books will be available soon.


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