U.S. Senate race in Georgia reaches a new low

ATHENS, Ga. – Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., is running to replace Republican Saxby Chambliss, who is not seeking re-election to U.S. Senate.  The campaign is raffling off an AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle as a way to build a list of conservative supporters.

Broun is well-known for his ultraconservative views including referring to the Civil War as the “war of Yankee aggression.”  On evolution he said, “I don’t believe that the earth’s but about 9,000 years old. I believe it was created in six days as we know them that’s what the Bible says.” Braun says that both “evolution and the big bang theory are “lies straight from the pit of hell.”

Incredibly, Broun is the Republican-appointed chairman of the House committee on oversight for science, space, and technology.

Many political analysts feel that he is in danger of losing the race to Michelle Nunn who is running against him on the Democratic ticket. Although new to politics,  Nunn, the daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn, comes from a well-established Georgia political family.

A January email sent to supporters by Re. Broun shows just how dangerous his candidacy is:

“Dear Patriot,

As one of the most conservative members of Congress, and a staunch supporter of the second amendment, I am constantly under attack for my values and beliefs.

Today I’m fighting back.

How would you like to start off 2014 with the brand-new AR-15 (assault rifle) for free?                                                 

Barack Obama would like nothing more than to ban the AR-15 rifle – and that’s exactly why I decided to give away a free AR-15 to my fellow Second Amendment supporters.

That’s right, follow this link and add your name to be automatically entered to win a semi-automatic AR 15.

All you need to do is to follow this link to enter and register to win an AR 15. The deadline to enter is Thursday, February 27.

You see it’s no secret that the Democrats and liberal media would love to take away our guns and mandate every aspect of our lives, but I refuse to let them get away with that.”

A link from the Paul Broun website takes you to a contest entry page which pictures and AR 15 assault rifle and in bold capital letters reads “Barack Obama would like nothing more than to ban the AR 15 rifle. All you need to do is add your name, email and ZIP –  then hit the “submit” button and an AR 15 could very well be yours.

This gimmick may well be repeated in other campaigns across the country. The  National Association for Gun Rights calls the AR-15 “the firearm Barack Obama and the gun grabbers want to ban.”

Photo: http://broun.house.gov/