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“Macbeth”: A specter haunts the Los Angeles Opera

LA Opera's outstanding production of Giuseppe Verdi's operatic version of Macbeth is simply one of its best.


"A Mexican Trilogy: An American Story": Sumptuous, epic L.A. theatre

The trilogy is an intricate clockwork of characters, generations, a variety of urban settings, and actors performing several roles over the course of three plays and five hours.


Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge”

The show is a Greek-style tragedy covering diverse issues including homoeroticism in a hyper-masculine proletariat.


“Mutual Philanthropy” reveals predatory side of gentrification

It's hard to escape the politics of the moment surrounding this world premiere production. 


“Dutch Masters”: A terse, tense dissection of race in America

"The deeper I investigated, the more I related to what these characters are searching for and the ideas that are dramatized."


Politics, music, drama alive on death row in "Scottsboro Boys"

In a grotesque political season, Direct from Death Row The Scottsboro Boys (An Evening of Vaudeville and Sorrow) brings entertainment to politics in a way that, for all the pain and tragedy of the story, allows us to enjoy it aesthetically, energizing us to think critically and engage an unpleasant world from which we might naturally want to turn away.


“Blueprint for Paradise”: A polished drama about Nazis for our time

The ruins of the Murphy Ranch, an abandoned pre-WWII Nazi compound in Pacific Palisades, have inspired a new play.


“The Suitcase”: Europe’s and America’s Holocausts seen from the Shawng Zeleezay

The ambitious Echo Theater Company is now staging the United States premiere of a surrealistic Polish play about the Holocaust.


Down with the Republic! Shakespeare's "Titus Andronicus" in Topanga

Ellen Geer tackles a tragedy written in 1594 set in ancient Rome, resets it in the future, and does so as comment on contemporary America.


Two plays about “command rape” - in war and in the office

Two plays about how men use rape to exert power over the women they conquer, command, and employ.

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