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  • Obama pushes health care overhaul

    June 24, 2009By John Wojcik

    At a news conference Tuesday at the White House President Barack Obama called for the creation of a national health care system that would cover the 47 million now without insurance, a clean energy economy, and for the Iranian government to stop its attacks on political opponents.

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  • The rumor of card-check death is greatly exaggerated

    June 05, 2009By Teresa Albano

    Mark Twain’s famous quote is what Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) paraphrased to thousands of progressive activists at the America’s Future Now conference this week regarding the Employee Free Choice Act.

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  • Progressives in Washington have wind at their backs

    June 03, 2009By John Wojcik

    WASHINGTON — Thousands of progressive leaders and activists who have descended on this town this week for the America’s Future Now conference are having to adjust to something new. A delegate who has been coming to the meeting of leading labor, political and social justice activists for years put it this way: “For the first time the nation’s capital doesn’t feel like occupied territory. The White House, the Congress, the...

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  • GM bankruptcy spurs demand to reinvest in America

    June 03, 2009

    LANSING, Mich. — The General Motors bankruptcy, announced Monday, was expected, having been predicted for weeks if not months. But the enormity of how far this once mighty giant of U.S. monopoly capitalism has fallen is shocking nevertheless. For many it seems like not so long ago when GM was not only the leader of all auto producers with a commanding 54 percent of the U.S. market, it was also...

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  • Ronald Reagan reaches out from his grave, ties up National Labor Relations Board

    May 09, 2009By John Wojcik

    The “Gipper” apparently knew what he was doing when he stacked the federal courts with young right-wing lawyers back in the 1980s. The now old right-wing judges are still on their benches and are busy, these days, doing whatever they can to slow the advance of the labor and progressive movements.

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  • Three reasons to donate TODAY

    May 08, 2009By Special to People’s World

    Three reasons to give – or make a pledge – TODAY!

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  • Saluting workers everywhere!

    May 01, 2009By Illinois Friends of PWW

    Saluting workers everywhere! Our unity makes Wall Street tremble Employee Free Choice and universal health care! A 'green', demilitarized, democratized economy that works for all! Illinois Readers of the PWW Terrie Albano & John Bachtell - Jon Allen - Sijisfredo Aviles - Eric Robert Berdell - Carolyn Black & Bill Appelhans - Owen Brill - Helen Boothe - John Bradley - Docia Buffington & Abdul Aziz Hassan - Cathy Campo...

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  • Torture handbook ignites firestorm

    April 22, 2009By Teresa Albano

    The recent release of Justice Department memos on torture indicate that the country is still in the grasp of the chillingly long nightmare created by George Bush, Dick Cheney and their administration.

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  • Americas choice: Union, yes!

    March 20, 2009

    Why the Employee Free Choice Act will benefit the economy, democracyMost Americans are working harder than ever as the “good life” they dream about for themselves and their children slips further and further out of their reach. The problem affects almost everyone, not just union and non-union workers but small businesses and entrepreneurs of all types. Median household income in 2008 was $2,000 less than it was in 2000, even...

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  • New NLRB chief sees a future where workers rights top the agenda

    February 28, 2009By John Wojcik

    For years, as a member of the National labor Relations Board, she spoke out against the Bush-appointed majority on that board. For years she felt frustration over how, in ruling after ruling, that board interpreted key parts of the National Labor relations Act in ways that hurt workers. Now, after the inauguration of President Barack Obama, she has become the chairman of that board.

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