My day at a Havana hospital

HAVANA — After several visits to Cuba, that included a night at the Ballet, visits to primary schools, and to Havana University, I had not as yet visited a Hospital. That changed when I surrendered to the pain in my right shoulder, caused by my pulling my luggage off the baggage carousel at Jose Marti Airport.

After suffering for six day, decided to seek help for my problem.

At the Hospital for Orthopedic problems, I was asked for my passport, and why I was visiting Cuba.

“Doctor, I came to Cuba to celebrate May First and the 70th anniversary of the C.T.C. (Confederation of Cuban Workers) with the Cuban people, take some photos and transmit them and a brief story back to Chicago, to our paper,” I said.

In less then one hour, two doctors had examined me, performed a sonogram, followed by an X-Ray, checking for fractures.

The diagnosis — a muscle tear. He instructed me to wear an arm sling for three days and take Ibuprofen for pain.

After a discussion about President Obama for 15 minutes, they sent me on my way in a comradely fashion

Thank you Dr. Martinez Rocha Osvaldo, and your staff at the hospital!