The National Organization for Women (NOW) announced July 31 it is launching a new website, “to offer real information about what is going on and to help protect our democracy from being eroded under the cover of ‘war’.” NOW president Kim Gandy said, “It’s high time the public hears the truth about George W. Bush and his administration’s attempts to trickle our rights down to nothing.”

NOW, the nation’s largest women’s rights group, says it wants to keep the public eye focused on what the Bush administration is doing on issues the mainstream media are not covering.

“The Truth About George campaign will focus on the Bush administration’s continuing dismal record on issues like women’s rights, civil liberties, judicial nominees, the environment, protections for the elderly and the poor, and the economy,” Gandy said. “The public cannot make informed opinions about this Administration if they’re not privy to what’s really going on. The Truth About George will compile and deliver this necessary information, undiluted by the corporate interests of the mainstream media.”