Upholding legacy of labor journalism: People’s World wins 14 awards
People's World staff and writers receiving recognition at last year's ILCA Awards Ceremony in St. Louis. From left: C.J. Atkins, PW Managing Editor; Mike Johnson, ILCA Executive Board member; Chauncey K. Robinson, PW Social Media Editor; Roberta Wood, PW Senior Editor; John Wojcik, PW Editor in Chief; Eric Gordon, PW culture writer; and Joelle Fishman, PW Connecticut Bureau. This year's awards will be presented at the ILCA Conference in Washington, D.C. next month. | ILCA

“The free press is the ubiquitous, vigilant eye of a people’s soul…the embodied culture that transforms material struggles into ideological struggles.” — Karl Marx

The International Labor Communications Association (ILCA) recently announced the winners of its 2018 Labor Media Awards. ILCA, founded in 1955, is the professional organization of labor communicators in North America. The organization has several hundred members who produce publications with a total circulation in the tens of millions. People’s World (PW) is a long-time member of the organization, and has covered the labor movement and news that affects working-class people since the founding of its predecessor, the Daily Worker, in 1924. This year, PW took home 14 awards for articles published in the year 2017. Winners of the ILCA awards represent some of the most inspired work in labor communications and are recognized for promoting the highest standards of journalism.

The awards come during a time of political danger. Current President Donald Trump and his administration continue to attack the rights of working people. Through the use of fear-mongering, bigotry, racism, sexism, and misinformation, the president has managed to sow deep divides in the nation as working people fight for survival and to hold onto the rights that they’ve won. On top of this, Trump has aimed to create a narrative that the news media are the “enemy of the people.” Through smear campaigns, outright lies, and intimidation, Trump and his supporters have aimed to silence those who look to question his actions. The protection and the support of the press are crucial now, more than ever, as there are people in power who are on an active mission to extinguish any beacons of resistance and truth.

The PW winners this year, like the news publication’s staff itself, come from all walks of life. The winners represent women, people of color, young writers, and veteran ones. The process of putting out the daily publication is a collective one. With the leadership of the editorial staff, headed by Editor in Chief John Wojcik and Managing Editor C.J. Atkins, many of our writers also contribute to the production process. This includes fact-checking, online promotion, photo selection, and other unseen tasks that help to make sure the messaging within the articles gets out to the world.

People’s World continues in the legacy that its predecessor, the Daily Worker, began. Through the coverage of not only attacks on working people but victories as well—such as the gains made in the recent 2018 midterm elections—it takes part in the continuing fight for true democracy. The roster of winning articles is an example of the essential role that the press—and especially grassroots outlets like People’s World—continues to play in this battle.

We’re a publication with class—the working class!—and we do take sides. That side is yours!


First Place Awards

Best Editorial or Column: Boycotting the NFL: Colin Kaepernick and the right to resist by Chauncey K. Robinson

Best Feature Story: Cookie crumbles for laid off vets by Roberta Wood and Al Neal

Saul Miller Award – Organizing: ‘Day Without an Immigrant’ actions showcase unified resistance to Trump agenda by Michelle Zacarias


Second Place Awards

Saul Miller Award – Political Action: More union members needed in public office, says AFL-CIO by Eric A. Gordon

Best Series: Al Stockley acquittal, St. Louis protest series by Al Neal

Best Analysis: Trump’s NAFTA ‘renegotiation’: A central battle in the class struggle by Emile Schepers

Best News Story: In Wisconsin, will Foxconn “mouthwash” hide stench of “right to work?” by Dominique Paul Noth


Third Place Awards

Best Editorial or Column: Justin Trudeau can’t save you from “right to work” by C.J. Atkins

Best Labor History Story: The UAW 212 CIO Flying Squad comes back to life one afternoon by John Dick

Saul Miller Awards – Collective Bargaining: Chicagoland IAM auto mechanics rev up solidarity engines by Roberta Wood and John Bachtell

Saul Miller Award – Organizing: Organize the South! Arkansas workers make the case by C.J. Atkins


Honorable Mentions

Best Analysis: Black empowerment is not the same as white supremacy, Donald Trump by Chauncey K. Robinson

Best News Story: Chicago’s women bus drivers protest filthy, unsafe port-a-potties by Roberta Wood

Best Feature Story: Recy Taylor’s legacy and the power of the press by Chauncey K. Robinson and Eugene Gordon


The awards will be presented at the annual ILCA Awards Luncheon in Washington, D.C., in December.

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Special to People’s World
Special to People’s World

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