LGBTQ people under attack, People’s World stands up and fights back

Drag shows made illegal. The very mention in classrooms that gay people exist outlawed forever. Trans people barred from employment, housing, or even being able to use a public restroom. Parents who seek gender-affirming health care for their kids prosecuted and jailed for child abuse. Black, brown, and Indigenous trans women dead in the back alleys of big cities. Queer nightclubs riddled with bullets and shut down.

That’s the right wing’s vision for the future of LGBTQ people in America. In Congress and statehouses around the country, Republican lawmakers are putting in overtime to legislate queer people out of existence. Every year, they’re shattering records for the number of new anti-gay or anti-trans bills proposed.

Meanwhile, hate-fueled murderers and heavily-armed gunmen are doing the dirty work out in our communities.

If anyone thought liberation was achieved when marriage equality was won, it’s way beyond time to wake up from that illusion. At People’s World, we know the stakes of the battle for queer survival now raging, and we will never shrink from the fight.

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Where else will you read about drag queens fighting fascism with their art while raising money for the mass shooting victims in Colorado Springs?

What other publication has direct, on-the-ground reports of LGBTQ struggles from every corner of the country—from Michigan to Louisiana, California to D.C.?

Which paper brings you coverage from inside the labor movement about the strategizing underway to combat right-wing threats to LGBTQ people?

Who else is publishing stories featuring Marxist analysis of queer issues while also pointing out their intersection with other struggles like the Black Lives Matter movement and women’s liberation?

People’s World does all that, but to keep doing it, the paper needs the financial support of its readers.

Is there anyone else who puts international solidarity up front in covering the news of LGBTQ victories and setbacks around the globe, including countries like Cuba, Vietnam, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and more?

Where can you turn to for the latest in queer culture, from movies, television, the ballroom, the theater, books, and music?

And I guarantee you no other newspaper brings you all of that PLUS the latest in commentary, analysis, and history of queer liberation from the Communist Party USA? That’s something you’ll find nowhere else.

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C.J. Atkins

Managing Editor


C.J. Atkins
C.J. Atkins

C.J. Atkins is the managing editor at People's World. He holds a Ph.D. in political science from York University in Toronto and has a research and teaching background in political economy and the politics and ideas of the American left. In addition to his work at People's World, C.J. currently serves as the Deputy Executive Director of ProudPolitics.